Restoration Success at Mint Condominium: How Everpro Restoration Tackled a Major Water Intrusion

At the end of April, Everpro Restoration faced a challenging and complex situation at the Mint at Riverfront Condominium in Brickell. This 56-story apartment complex, boasting 530 condo residences, encountered a severe pipe leak that flooded multiple floors and units. 

Our team was called to address the extensive water damage resulting from this leak. Here’s a detailed account of how we successfully managed the restoration project.

The Situation: A Massive Pipe Leak

The Mint Condominium has experienced leak issues before. Just three weeks prior to this major incident, the condominium dealt with another leak. 

The recent pipe leak at the Mint Condominium caused flooding on multiple floors, resulting in standing water and significant moisture levels.

Our Response: Comprehensive Water Mitigation

When we arrived at the Mint Condominium, our top priority was to remove any standing water and excess moisture to begin the drying process. 

Using advanced equipment for water extraction, we strategically placed air movers and dehumidifiers to address the moisture throughout the affected areas.

We removed damaged contents, drywall, Batt insulation, and baseboards to eliminate moisture-laden materials and prevent further damage. Using specialized equipment, we ensured safe and efficient removal, creating a clean slate for drying.

We then deployed dehumidifiers and air mover fans extensively to dry out the areas. Plastic coverings were placed over the removed drywall areas for protection, and antimicrobial agents were applied to ceilings and walls to prevent mold growth. This thorough approach ensured the affected areas were completely dry and safe.

Handling a major water leak at a high-rise condominium requires expertise, precision, and efficient coordination. Everpro Restoration successfully managed the complex restoration project at Mint at Riverfront Condominium, ensuring minimal disruption to residents and a swift return to normalcy.

If you ever face a water damage emergency, mold infestation, or need professional restoration services, Everpro Restoration is here to help. Our team is equipped with the latest technology and expertise to handle any restoration challenge. Contact us today to ensure your property receives the best care possible.